Can you guess the name of MS Dhoni's first crush? Watch this viral video!


Little can deflect MS Dhoni’s assurance on the field, however with regards to uncovering individual subtle elements, the Captain Cool frequently shies away. As of late, the 36-year-old cricketer was left all excited when he was requested to name his “first squash”. In any case, incredibly, Dhoni at long last tipped it off with a touch of caution.

At a limited time occasion, an enchantment demonstrate was sorted out on the stage and it was then that the mystical performer asked the previous Indian captain to consider his first smash from Class 2 or 3. Congratulate came the reaction from Dhoni, who cleverly stated: “Actually no, not all that ahead of schedule!” As the show proceeded with, the conjurer went ahead to ask a couple of more things previously at long last uncovering the name of the young lady. Shockingly, his figure was right. Would you be able to trust it?

Interestingly, hearing the name from the magician left Dhoni humiliated. While he acknowledged that the name was correct, he tongue in cheek included,” Don’t tell my significant other,” and left the jam in parts. Entertaining, eh?

Wondering what was the magic spell that did the trick?

Watch the video here:


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