Sleepy 4-year-old walks with chair instead of his bag while leaving class


In the video that is circulating around the web crosswise over online life stages demonstrates an educator awakening the kid as it's chance as the time had come to go home. He awakens absent much exertion yet is drowsy to the point that confused the seat for the pack. The mix-up even left his instructors giggling.

A video that has been turning into a web sensation over the world highlights a drowsy young man who took a seat rather than his rucksack when he was woken up to go home! The lovable misstep left everybody in the room in parts, and now it's being seen around the world.

The four-year-old sleepyhead was gotten on CCTV camera in the territory of Cavite in the Philippines. In the video, an educator is seen awakening the kid for him to go home. He woke up absent much exertion, yet was drowsy to the point that he mixed up the seat for the pack. The funny minute was gotten on camera by his educators as well!

As indicated by a Daily Mail report, the little one has been distinguished as Dean Lewis Pagtakhan and the educator woke him after his grandma appeared to lift him up. Agnes Ravelo Orillos, the kid's glad grandma, who shared video on the web, was cited as saying You go to class just to rest.

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