Kurnool - The Faction Centre!


The volcanoes of rivalry keep erupting in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, and the lava of hatred, powered by fiery politics, continues to claim countless lives.

More than 200 years old, the bloody faction wars show no signs of let up. On the contrary, they are getting bloodier and bloodier with warring groups pumping sophisticated weapons into the mindless wars.

Earlier, One district -- The Kurnool -- was known for their country bomb. Even a trivial argument was enough to bring a shower of explosives in this district.

Latest Bomb blast near Nandyal check post Kurnool district, three peoples was died in the explosion. 4 peoples were injured.

Rajasekhar and Mallikarjun have been killed in this bomb blast by planting a country bomb in their land. When they gone for land measurements with the Government officials.

There is still doubt about who is the real target. But hardly any about how deep the Kurnool rivalries run.

In Kurnool, there has been a downward trend. While 38 people were killed in 1995, 26 died in 1996.

Prominent among the faction leaders in Kurnool district are a senior Congress leader who has a rivalry with former minister K E Krishnamurthy. The rivalry dates back to their fathers's generation.

Krishnamurthy also has a running feud with another faction leader, Challa Ramakrishna Reddy.

The Kurnool people's blood boils even if a vehicle overtakes them.

In Kurnool, it is said, ''Even an angry look can attract a bomb attack.''