It Happens Only in India:


There are fathers who go the additional mile for their youngsters and after that there is Surendra Vyas, a legend. A common contractual worker in Madhya Pradesh's Sagar locale, Vyas set up a gathering for his teenaged child who fizzled his class X exams. His reason? "Subsequent to bombing in exams, kids go into gloom, a couple even submit suicide. I need to reveal to them that loads up are not the end-all and be-all," he disclosed to The Times of India. During result-arranged rivalry driving understudies to depression and self-hurt, Vyas' signal will resound with those attempting to adapt. Father of the year!

Fan hypotheses about mechanical progressions amid Vedic circumstances are blessings that continue giving. Previously, Narada, the legendary sage, has been contrasted with the inquiry goliath Google and Ganesha'strunk embed to the world's first plastic medical procedure. As of late, Uttar Pradesh's delegate CM Dinesh Sharma told a crowd of people in Sitamarhi, Bihar, that Sita was the primary unnaturally conceived child. According to Valmiki's Ramayana, Sita was found in a wrinkle by Janaka, her assenting father. Sharma had before said 'PushpakViman' from the legends were really best in class planes. There's increasingly - he asserted reporting began at the season of the Mahabharata, with Sanjaya's discourse of the skirmish of Kurukshetra to Dhritarashtra comparable to our age's live broadcast. An argument was held up against Sharma for his remark on Sita.

A man in Agra was left crushed after monkeys grabbed away his sack of money (Rs 2 lakh, as indicated by him) outside a bank and hurled groups of Rs 2,000 notes (it appears Rs 60,000 on the whole) from the top of a four-story building. Just a small amount of the cash could be recouped. Vijay Bansal disclosed to ANI he is presently bankrupt. "We've done as such much for monkeys, and this is the means by which they reimbursed us. They assaulted me. I've lost my life's investment funds," he regretted.

On the off chance that you've been on a sticky wicket with your accomplice, Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar has recently the arrangement. He has proposed that individuals watch Sunday as a "no-feedback day". Khattar was communicating worry for India's poor rank in the worldwide bliss file - India positioned 133 of every a rundown of the most joyful nations. On the off chance that you've been tied up all week, Sunday ought to be a 'FUN' day-"F for absolution, U for 'unfastening' oneself and N for no-feedback", he says.

Lawmakers are known to guarantee the moon in return for votes. VitthalGanpatGhavate, challenging for the post of sarpanch of Ramalinga panchayat, in Maharashtra's Shirur subdivision, took it to another level when he guaranteed voters that he would get cricketer ViratKohli to go to his rally. On enormous bulletins set up by him, Kohli was recorded as the fundamental fascination. The main hitch: The star cricketer did not understand. Not one to be debilitated by this minor bother, Ghavate, upon the arrival of the rally, strutted an unmistakably anxious carbon copy of Kohli wearing dim glasses. Discuss 'Virat' aspirations!