Benefits Of Living A Life Without Girl Friend? Indians Have The Correct Answer


A boy’s life without a girl is like a whiskey without water.” – A random Indian guy wrote on the internet.

How true is that? Just like Mark Twain’s philosophy, “Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting over.”

In this case, it is pretty much evident that a girl is like water, it takes away the burning, those vapors are tamed, and it hurts the throat a little less. But in between the entire process, we often forget that in the end water is formless, tasteless and dilutes the taste of whiskey. Girls, no pun intended.

Life without a partner doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be lonely, full of sad songs on your cell phone. No, not at all. Instead, it’s more colorful, purposeful and full of adventure that you could ever imagine.

And it’s not us who are telling this, rather this time we’ve found some anonymous Indians on the internet who shared what some indisputable benefits of living life without a girlfriend.

Have a look!

1 Those howling feelings of breaking up with a girl at first.


We guys are like that only, “even the thought of breaking up with a girl scares us to hell and back.” However, it may seem tough at first, but in the end, breaking up is the best thing that could ever happen to you (Aasan hai bhai, karke dekh).

2 Stressfree life.


Now when you’ve finally broken up with the stress of your life, you’ll notice that even you aren’t adding up stress in someone else’s life (Mood swings bhi nahi hote bro!).

3 Aakhir asli pyaar toh Maa ka pyaar hota hai pagle!


You get to spend more time with your parents; you try to understand them, know them. Trust me; no one else is going to love you the way they do.

4 You can finally talk to real friend you weren’t paying attention to.


Now without any fear of facing the jealousy drama, you can spend more time with the girls who were potentially your best friends, but you never paid attention to them.

5 Shak, shak, shak… WTF?


So, you get rid of all the possessiveness and live a ‘shak-free’ life. There will always be a person you love, but there will be no one you don’t trust and who doesn’t trust you.

6 More time with your first love, bikes.


The great philosophers have died of repeating again and again, “Do what you love” and all these time we guys didn’t notice. But not anymore, the breakup will make you realise there’s so much more that you can do with your life, travelling, riding, and going to places. All of these without any arguments (parents excluded!).

7 No regrets in life!


You get more time to spend with your male friends, not only to make sure they break up as well but to enjoy the next level of adventures in your life.

8 More fantasies.


You’ll get to understand yourself better, and there’s no point in hiding the privilege to watch adult movies without guilt. Exploring your fantasies, it’s fun on its way.

9 Nothing to fake, everything is real.


You’ll love yourself more after breaking up with a girl for all the right reasons. No fake smiles, no fake late night calls, and above all, you’ll start to feel what’s real and important.

10 Savings.


Either get settled in life like a king, or stay single. That way you save more money and get a chance to invest it in things which matter to you the most. More money earned and saved, enough said.

11 Better chances of finding a deserving girl.


And not only that, you’ll automatically have a better status among your friends, and they’ll start seeking your advice often in relationship matters.

12 In the end, you’re happy.

celebrities ou’ll find so many reasons to be happy for so many creative & artistic things to do that you could’ve done to improve your skill set.

You’ll be there for most of your friends in their happiness and sadness.

Eventually, you realise that you’ve become a man from a boy, and above all, a better human being.



“Life without a partner doesn’t have to be lonely; it can be constructive too.”

That's all, folks!

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