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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Partner Going For Arranged Marriage


India is a country of varied culture and customs. One such custom is arranged marriage. Arranged marriage is a sort of wedding where two persons agree to marry each other as per the choice of their family. From strangers to life partners, this whole process of arranged marriage is a traditional way of selecting an ideal match for one’s son or daughter.

Its flip side is that you don’t know who you are going to meet but you prepare yourself to give your best. There are different types of questions, which click in your mind when you sit in front of a girl or boy who you imagine as your future spouse. But no one wants to end up projecting oneself as an idiot before a stranger.

So have a look at these list of questions you should ask during your first meeting.

The ice-breaking start


What are your hobbies?

Tell me about the meaning of your name?

A calm start to a healthy conversation is important. So it is better to ask general questions and start a conversation. Remember, the person in front of you will also be nervous. Go slow, introduce yourself and ask some normal questions. Never make him/her feel uncomfortable. Show your soft side, entertain and make him/her feel comfortable.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


What are your future plans?.

How much do you earn?

Would you allow me to continue my job after marriage?

Asking him about his future plans like where he sees himself in 5 years down the road is also an important question.

This will help you to know about his area of interest and will also let you know about the way he thinks about your career.

Tell me about your daily routine and lifestyle?


So as you are working right now, what is your daily routine?

What about your lifestyle?

It is good to know about each other’s social life and interests. This will help you to know whether the person next to you is an introvert or an extrovert. This will help you to know about his/her compatibility level with you and your family. Also, do not go overboard with your question as you are not taking an interview with a candidate for your wife or husband’s position.

What are your expectations for marriage?


What are the qualities you expect in your husband to be?

I guess everyone has some views about what they want in their partner, so what about you?

A girl or a boy feels good when you ask about their views on marriage and the expectations they have for their better half. This will help you judge your own self whether you are likely to be an ideal match for him/her. Nothing works better than knowing about his/her ‘partner goals’.

What are the things you can never compromise on?


What are the things you would never compromise on?

What are your major priorities?

Also, you can take an initiative to tell about what you prefer. Use sentences like, I would like to tell you something, I think you should know about.

Remember, you are starting from the ground level and it is important to know about the ground rules. Whether it be honesty or loyalty, these are some things a person can never ignore or compromise on. Prepare yourself to answer this and also to know about your significant other’s life choices and priorities.

This will give you knowledge about his/her past and also let you know about each other’s future.

Never be too demanding and always be a good listener.